Thursday, April 19, 2007

"because the sky is makes me cry" the Beatles

Well let me see. It has been a while. Friday night I went out to the Somerset Pub and had a very nice time catching up with folks and listening to really good singers and a lot of fun songs. I had worked all day Friday so it was a nice way to unwind. The weekend consisted of crackfilling and laying more tubing for the central vac system. I managed to fix the doorbell and also the screen door closer on the back door now our cat will have to be even faster to sneak outside. I didn’t make it to Monday nite badminton mostly because the weather just made me feel blah. Tuesday night was playoff night for On and Off court badminton league. The team I was on made it to the finals we didn’t win but coming in second was pretty nice. Unfortunately I pulled a muscle during the match so I couldn’t finish the night. Yesterday I finished connecting the tubing for the central vac and also connected the low voltage wiring from the outlets to the power unit. I continued crackfilling the pantry. Today I crackfilled the pantry some more and I figure one more coat should do it after this one dries. I just signed up for facebook today, although I don't really know anything about it I guess I'll just have to learn.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

2 x a week it is

Yay! I've now signed up for badminton on Tuesday nights also. It would have been nice to play a different night of the week seeing as I play Monday nights also but I really need to play twice a week if I am going to improve at it and this will also help in becoming physically fit.

So I made the trip to Stirlings thanks to Blaines blog entry and we got Mc's and golden delicious as well as a cherry pie. I wish I'd thought to shop there before.

I am wondering what show(s) I should watch in order to practice a New York accent for one of the Second Stage plays I am in.

Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

what to do?

I have started playing badminton again. Its fun. I want to play at least twice a week.

I am looking forward to the upcoming Second Stage Plays.

I have a stack of old knitting patterns but what do you do with them. I'd hate to just throw them out. Is there any use for these anywhere, is there any group I could give them to.

Treble Clef line notes EGBDF space notes FACE

Bass Clef line notes "have slipped my mind" space notes ACEG therefore when placed between the line notes I can figure out the line notes to be GBDFA and yes now I remember the little saying: good boys deserve fudge always and of course the space notes saying is: all cows eat grass

And when I once again place this between the line saying I get: Good All Boys Cows Deserve Eat Fudge Grass Always.

Have a great day!

Monday, November 06, 2006

week of living in a fiery hot place...oh know what I mean?

That effing flu tore through my house all last week and my mums too. I've never been so sore you know the kind of sore that begins at the belly and erupts both ends... We have missed work, school, celebrating birthday time, daycare,trick or treating , senior night,exercise time and ever so precious work on the house time. yesterday I finally had my appetite back.

I did get more wood cut on that nice day we had??? We also dug up our septic tank cover so we can get it sucked this week. yeah you get the idea of how this post is.

Anyway I am really looking forward to seeing this show called Noises Off. It is the kind of november picker upper that I would recommend to everyone! I remember the first time I saw this and I never laughed so hard in a theatre ever. my belly was so so sore from all the laughing it was great.

So heres a big break a leg to the cast and crew of the show, why so early you may ask, aw heck , I might not post again til after the show.*insert punctuated happy face here*

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


lets see what i have been up to the last 3 consisted of winging it which was much fun, it made me co- write a play in 24 hours. I always wanted to write a play but never did so this was a vehicle to enable me and it had a deadline, and all the criticism was shared YAY!

A lot of my siblings were visiting through out the summer so it was good to see them and catch up. The kids are busy with school and daycare/preschool and they really enjoy it. My son is now taking piano lessons which he seems to enjoy, I'll keep my fingers crossed. My brother Doug is taking guitar lessons. Dave is still busy teaching improv and has 3 days of actor work on a show called "the jane show" if I have it right? I'm not familiar with the show but I hope to catch the episodes he is in. I have been tossing around the idea of taking singing lessons or coaching. The idea has been put out for us to cut a cd together, my youngest brother, chris sings also and it would be neat to have all of us involved somehow, my sisters too. We'll see what becomes of it.

I tried working at a call center but after two weeks training I realized it wasn't my cup of tea and with the realization we would need after school care and weekend babysitters it really wasn't feasible. Too bad though because it was nice to suddenly feel a part of something and it would have been nice to work with my cousin Carrie who was really supportive throughout my training ...Thanks Carrie!

So right now its back to working on the house...I am taking a break right now from crackfilling the master bedroom and the hall. I may get the closet painted tonight if the mud has dried. I'm hoping to get back out and cut a few more trees down and to saw up the ones that I cut about a year ago as we burn wood to assist with the heat.

I am still thinking I would like to work part time but only during the mornings no earlier than 830am and no later than 130 pm , that way I wouldn't need to have after school care. And I definately can't work weekends. Any ideas anyone?

I may also put my name back on the supply teachers list, I don't know, I suppose I could be available on the days Mary has off which would eliminate the need for the after school care, decisions decisions.

Well I haven't been on the tennis courts in a while now ... sorry anthony...
I have however started playing badminton every Monday night so far without fail and it feels pretty good. I have been eating more fruit and veggies this last month or so and though I haven't noticed any particular great weight loss I am starting to feel better in some ways. I am told there is a badminton club that plays at kv high school on thursday nights so I am thinking of checking it out because once a week is just not enough although it is better than nothing.

and back to the house ...I did get manage to get more insulateing done in my attic but still have about a third of it left to do, we just have to pick somemore up and then I mask up once more and finish the job, I hate being in the attic....

well back to work on the house bye for now

Thursday, August 10, 2006

So whats been goin on?

I have been getting a little more work done to the house. I may even have the master bedroom ready for winter. I have been hitting the beach with the kids more this summer and it feels good to do a little swimming again. I got to work for a couple of days and I must say it felt good. The long weekend was fairly quiet. I had a nice relaxing evening on Sunday which involved seeing some wonderful friends, having a few drinks, a dip in the pool, great conversation in the hot tub, singing karaoke (letting the beatles disc play and singing every song that came up.) seeing how a breathalyzer test works and so on and so forth.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Work work work

So I was looking through the job bank and found a couple of interesting ads ... I thought I would post the links here. I don't know anything about the company but if you are interested in acting you might want to check it out.

Way to go to all you MacBethers last night!!! I hope you all have a very enjoyable run!!!

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